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Sculptures With A Difference

Scroll down to see some of the Picture The Word sculptures.
When trying to decipher how the sculpture title matches the sculpture,
remember that you may have to split the sculptures title into two or
more words to solve the "riddle".

It's called Assemblage Art and Allan uses it to make Picture The Word exhibitions -  fun and challenging sculpture exhibitions.
This sculpture is called "Checkpoints".













A Picture The Word exhibition consists of about 10 exhibits and the viewer has to match a word from the list they are given with each exhibit.

To match the words to the exhibits, they have to give a new meaning to each of the words on the list.

As an example, if one exhibit was a mountaineer’s hatchet and the word “climax” was in the list, they’d have a match!

To decipher which exhibit matches which word, it helps to pronounce the word in different ways or even break it up into a couple of words.

In the example above, “climax becomes “climb axe”.
You will see how this works in the four examples above.

So far Allan has developed two exhibitions but he's always getting new ideas!