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Nearly Ex-Stinked


The newspaper headline reads "New Battery Makes Electric Cars Viable".

Shut Up And Sit Down


A definite play on words.

Dirty Double Crosser


There's nothing like lettering from a $2 shop and a bit of mud to make a work of art...



Sometimes you have to change one word into two...



This one was inspired by
Allan's ever-sleeping pussy cat.

Colly Wobbles


Once this dog gets drunk, he tells off-colour jokes.
He's obviously a smutt.



There's nothing like coming from behind to win.



Please note there is no significance to the fact that it is a white egg.
<sigh> Oh the modern trap-laden world!

Plan Of Attack


If you arrive home in your car and there
a tack on the drive, the last thing
you want to do is step on it.









Allan came up with this hoping his work would be recognised
and he'd get a fan club.

The Postie.
(from an exhibition held on the grounds of Costa Lotta, a rural B&B near Palmerston North)
This is called taking advantage of existing features...



Of course, you know what a female deer is called...



Think about it....



Think about it and I'm sure it will all add up...



And there's no need to sniff in disdain at the pun.

Berried Treasure


Masterton, where the sculptor lives, is a centre of strawberry growing.

A Salt And Battery



Funny Money


This sculpture had to be in a case otherwise light-fingered people might steal it!

Thai Food





Yes, they are all one brand of motorcycle.



Yes, it all adds up.



All done in Biblical proportions...

Corrugated Iron


Ideal for ironing pleats....

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

More sculptures will be added
as time allows.